Measurements can relate to different things depending on where you in the modification process:

Starting Measurements
  1. Matching Racquets: If you are trying to make two different racquets have the same specs, the starting measurements are those for the racquet you want to change by adding weight to.
  2. Altering perfomance specs of a single racquet: If you are simply changing the specs of a racquet to change its performance, the starting measurements are those of the racquet you are changing.
Desired Measurements
  1. Matching Racquets: These are the specs of the racquet that you like and want the other racquet changed into.
  2. Altering Performance: Desired specs are those you wish to change the racquet into. They depend only on what you are trying to accomplish.
Final Measurements

In both cases of matching racquets and altering for performance, the final measurements are the specs of the the racquet to which you added weight. Depending on Customizer’s success, final measurements and desired measurements will be the same in one of the following three ways:

  1. The same for weight, balance, swingweight, and sweetspot.
  2. The same for weight and swingweight only.
  3. The same for weight and balance only.