Weight, Balance, Swing weight, and Sweetspot

All your desired specs have been achieved!

Customizer’s first choice is to match weight, balance, swing weight, and sweetspot. If not possible, it next tries to match weight and swing weight. Failing that, its third choice is matching weight and balance.

Achieving weight, swing weight, balance, and sweetspot matches requires adding weight at three separate locations. The table displays three locations and the weight for each.

There are many solutions each requiring a different combination of weight to be added to three separate locations. Each solution results in exactly the same overall weight, balance, swing weight and sweetspot. Your choice of a solution will depend on several factors.

Choosing a Solution:
  1. Maximizing torsional stability with weight at 3 and 9 o’clock.
  2. Maximizing stability from end to end with weight at each end of the racquet.
  3. Maximizing weight at impact point.
  4. Racquet construction obstacles for placing lead tape.