Member reference section

Anatomy of a Tennis Racquet
An illustrated glossary of tennis racquet anatomy.
Ask the Experts
Stringing-related questions from our readers, with answers from our panel of experts.
Ball Machines
Annual reports on ball machines, plus guides and articles.
Calibration Corner
Illustrated instructions to help you calibrate your stringing machine.
Digest On-line
Instant access to the most complete listing of racquets the USRSA has ever published. If we've ever had the pattern, it will be included in this information, even if it is an obscure pattern that has been eliminated from our printed materials.
Equipment Reviews
Reviews of tools and equipment for the racquet sports professional.
Feature Articles
Miss an issue? Join the USRSA only recently? Check out our library of feature articles, technology, service reviews, product introductions, and departments from the last few years of Racquet Sports Industry, Racquet Tech, and The Stringer’s Assistant magazines.
Tennis industry addresses, phone numbers, e-mail address, and website addresses.
Machine Manuals
Your on-line source for machine user’s manuals.
Member Networks
Find grommet kits, or discontinued racquets or strings.
NTRP Ratings
A complete breakdown of the National Tennis Ranking Program, the official system for determining the levels of competition for the USA League Tennis.
String, grip, and overgrip playtest information with comprehensive reviews and comments by USRSA playtesters.
Pro Equipment Logs
Listings of pro players' equipment by tournament.
Racquet Facts
Quick reference of tennis racquet head and grip sizes.
Racquet Service Interactive
Complete text/photo/video course on stringing, plus special cases and advanced techniques.
Racquet Service Techniques
Complete written instructions on how get started with stringing your first racquet, plus special cases and advanced techniques.
Racquet Spec Search
Search our entire database of tennis racquet specifications.
Rules of Tennis
The complete listing.
Special Racquet Stringing Instructions
Special illustrated instructions for special racquets, including: 1985 Molded-hole Fox line -- Silver Fox, ATP Gold Fox, and ATP Red Fox; conventional wooden racquets; Dunlop "DP" series racquets; Slazenger "DP" series racquets; PowerAngle racquets; Prince EXO3 frames, and Wilson T-2000 through TX-6000 series racquets. Also includes instructions for the 50/50 and Around-the-World (ATW) stringing methods, and stringing unknown frames.
String Colors and Lengths
Search our database of tennis strings to find the color of string you want, or lengths when you need something out of the ordinary.
String Gauge Chart
A quick reference showing U.S. and Euro string gauges and diameters.
Stringing Machines
Machine features, benefits, and reviews displayed and formatted to facilitate the requirements of your particular research.
Stringing Variations
Different methods and approaches to stringing conventional racquets.
Tennis Court Dimensions
Measurements and descriptions of the tennis court.
Tips and Techniques
Racquet service, business, and marketing tips and techniques from USRSA members and others.
The complete listing.
USRSA String Survey Members’ Choice Awards
See how other USRSA stringers rate the most popular strings in terms of playability, durability, and comfort.
Why strings break
The 10 most common reasons why strings break.
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