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Digest On-line
Instant access to the most complete listing of racquets the USRSA has ever published. If we’ve ever had the pattern, it will be included in this information, even if it is an obscure pattern that has been eliminated from our printed materials.
The Morphinator
"Morph" your racquet to be as much as possible like another racquet.
Power Rankings by Stringbed Location
Calculate the speed of your shot from anywhere on the stringbed.
Product Finder
Looking for a racquet-sports-related product? Chances are you’ll find it here.
Racquet Customizer
Customize your current racquet by changing the weight, balance, and swingweight.
Racquet Selection Map
“Map” your current racquet to visualize your choices in a new racquet.
Racquet Specs
Look up the USRSA specifications of racquets.
Racquet Selector
Match your current racquet with other, similar racquets, or tell us what you’d like in a new racquet.
Racquet/Stringbed Power Profile
Map of the Bounce Speed Ratio that determines everything.
String Selection Map
Visual representations of almost 800 currently-available strings, with a sortable database showing gauge, stiffness, and tension loss. Includes complete explanatory materials and usage guide.
String Selector
Match your current string with other, similar strings, or tell us what you’d like in a new string.
String Specifications
Search our database of tennis string lab test results, or check our listings of racquetball, squash, and hybrid strings.
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